How to Increase Your Faith During Quarantine

During quarantine, many people are struggling to keep their faith even without getting their weekly sermons. Now, it is time to learn about increasing your faith during these difficult times.

Today, Christianity accounts for more than 70% of all religions found in the US. These Christians are now wondering how to practice their faith in these hard times. Because mass gatherings have been suspended in many countries, Christians are thinking of social distancing in church. However, most of these people miss church a lot for sermons and fellowship. However, it is now crucial to learn more about worshipping while in quarantine.

First and foremost, it is crucial to have a daily devotional. Even when you are not going to church, you will get time to spend with God during the devotionals. Daily devotions will also make your relationship with God better, and your faith will grow more. You will be able to avoid sin and obey God more when you do your daily devotions. Thus, it is crucial to read more scriptures and spend time with God so as to enhance your hope in this pandemic. In return, you will always stay closer to God.

Further to this, you also need to pray consistently. It is written in the Bible that you always pray and thank God at all times You can find this scripture in Thessalonians where it talks about prayer and thanksgiving. Additionally, the Lord’s prayer is taught in the book of Matthew and how you can be able to pray in different ways. When you pray consistently, you will also get to understand the scriptures better. You also need to understand the scriptures quite well since they will help you to conquer bad situations.

When you are locked down in your home, you can also listen to worship songs. These songs are good for making you feel closer to God and worshipping Him in truth. When you listen to worship songs, you will feel like worshipping God which makes you have a better relationship with God. Your openness with your creator will be improved when listening to worship songs and you will feel at peace.

In addition to this, there are Christian blogs and podcasts that you can subscribe to. You can also get a lot of teachings on the social media platforms. If you can be able to do this every morning, your days will always feel good. It is good to read these blogs so that your faith can grow. Hence, you need to identify some credible Christian bloggers who have scriptural-based content and subscribe to their blogs. This will help you build your faith more even without attending the weekly church meetings.

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